Whirligig for Sale at Connectibles

Vintage Man Sawing Whirligig

Branch Display Hanger

 Branch Display Hanger

Branch Display HangerCHAR(13) + CHAR(10) The Best Way to Hang Whirligigs and Feeders Kinetic garden sculptures put the “fun” into “functional” and delight into the garden. When the wind hits the Whirligig Propellers, they each do clever things. They are the perfect gift for your favorite gardener. No more than a minute to install and they are ready to surprise and delight for many seasons to come. Here’s the best way to display your feeders, wind chimes, or whirligigs. The Branch Display Hanger’s all metal branches mount on the wall. Mounting screws not provided. Sturdy Powder Coated Steel Construction Use to Display Anything: Whirligigs, Feeders and More Easy Installation In Stock-Ships Fast


Paper Crafts : How to Make a Paper Whirligig

To make a paper whirligig, start with a perfect circle cut out of stiff paper, cut a spiral shape into the circle until the middle is reached, add a piece of string to the middle and let the spiral hang down. Create a paper whirligig with a demonstration from an experienced primary school teacher in this free video on paper crafts. Expert: Pauline Stannard Bio: Pauline Stannard has over 20 years of teaching experience and runs art workshops for children. Filmmaker: Kathy Stannard


Whirligig I made of a Seagull with wings flapping up and down. Thanks for looking. Dave

Mechanism for Whirligig #35

The turning whirligig blades will turn this simple cam mechanism to wag a circle shape back and forth. Free whirligig plans at cdunbar.blogspot.com

Whirligig svizzero



Whirligig Beetle (Gyrinidae: Gyrinus)

Photographed near Mekinock, North Dakota (25 June 2009).


our first whirligig

Custom Made Cat Whirligig

Simple custom made Wooden Whirligig of a Cat Eating / Drinking , with House address # added to Rudder vane.

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