Dinosaur kinetic sculpture

Whirligig Kinetic Sculpture – Alice In Wonderland at Gaylord Texan

This whirligig art – a type of kinetic sculpture that’s part mechanical machinery and part fine art – was one of the many pieces in the SummerFest Wonderland Adventure — an Alice In Wonderland themed celebration hosted at the Gaylord Texan Hotel in Grapevine, Texas. The whirligig was powered by air fans hidden in the bushes.

Dachshund and Butterflies Whirligig

21Wct4OjQxL. SL160  Dachshund and Butterflies Whirligig

  • Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
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  • Great Gift Idea.

Product Description
Kinetic Garden Whirligig Sculpture (wind propelled). Great gift for gardener or dachshund lover! Every day is a happy day in your garden from this dog’s perspective, but especially when the wind blows. The spinning propellor makes his jaw flap and sends butterflies dancing in the breeze.16.00 inches tall x 11.00 inches long x 4.00 inches wide… More >>

Dachshund and Butterflies Whirligig

Whirligigs kinetic sculpture of witch flying

Weathervane Weathervanes of a witch flying on a broom, in the sunset sky.

Whirligigs Weathervane Veleta kinetic sculpture of Child, dog and kite

Weathervane,kinetic sculpture,Child and his dog comet. costumbristas metal compositions in, Girouette,Wetterhahn,Cinetiche,suitable for installing steel bronze in the interperie, for their delight at his house or town house or beach.

Blue HandWorks Dog and Cat Whirli-Chime

 Blue HandWorks Dog and Cat Whirli Chime

Features: Kinetic Sculpture. Combines the features of a whirligig with those of a wind chime. The wind moves the propeller which powers the charming action.

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