Garden Accent Heaven – Bird Feeders Bird Houses Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders Decor We specialize in anything to do with birds; bird feeders of all kinds, for the garden, wild birds, hummingbird feeders, including squirrel proof feeders. We suggest you feed the squirrels with their own specialty feeders available at our store. You will find a wide variety of bird oriented garden decor items such as garden stakes, whirligigs, bird baths and bird wind chimes, even bird themed door mates. And just for giggles, you will find the cutest garden animals ever! We are passionate lifetime gardeners who take pride in giving you a selection of affordable lawn and garden decorations. So Come join the fun and adventure at Marysville, Wa – Seattle, Washington – Nationwide Produced By

Awesome Wind Chime Heaven – Wind Chimes Tranquil Serene & Peaceful

A string of wind chimes by my poolside in Palmetto Bay (Miami), Florida!

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Penta Dog Kite

 Penta Dog Kite

The Penta Kite, What could the Hespler Bros be up to when they came up with this fantastic kite? You’ve got to take this to the beach or your favorite flying field and watch all the spectators be amazed at it’s wondrous flight! Our Penta Dog kite is just ready to start barking to get up high in the sky. Like a puppy in heaven. Purchase 80# line Separate.

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