Woodstock Klezmer Wind Chime

jrkc 2  300x300 Woodstock Klezmer Wind ChimeTuned to a scale common to many klezmer tunes heard at Jewish celebrations.The Woodstock Klezmer Chime’s enchanting sounds will embrace the listener whenever and wherever the wind blows. Originating in the shtetls of Eastern Europe, the klezmer sound has accompanied the festivals and celebrations of the Jewish people since medieval times. Itinerant musicians traveled from town to town to play at festivals, weddings and other celebrations. By necessity, their instruments were light – a fiddle, a clarinet, an accordion and perhaps a drum – and their music expressed a range of human emotions – from immense joy to profound sorrow – because klezmer music is the music of life.


Made by Woodstock Chimes

Klezmer Chime
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