Woodstock Kensington Verdigris Wind Chime

kcv 2  300x300 Woodstock Kensington Verdigris Wind Chime Like Kensington gardens, this chime’s beauty and charm are timeless.The British have demonstrated a great passion for gardens and gardening for hundreds of years. Over time, many different styles of gardens – from the intricate patterns of “knot gardens” to the colorful massed flowerbeds of the “Victorian garden” – have come in and out of fashion. But whatever the style, the care and devotion has been the same.One of the most enchanting gardens in all of London is undoubtedly the Kensington Roof Gardens. Located 100 feet above street level, it includes a traditional woodland garden where a stream meanders among maple, poplar and sycamore trees, and a quartet of resident flamingos delights visitors with their brilliant plumage.


Made by Woodstock Chimes

Woodstock Kensington Chime – Verdigris
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