Ashley Woodstock Flower Wind Chimes

fca 2  300x300 Ashley Woodstock Flower Wind ChimesIntroducing Ashley – her graceful, charming tones change with the wind.Every one of our Woodstock Flower Chimes comes with its own personality. This lovely chime may seem highbrow and a bit aloof, but Ashley is more than generous with her voice. Ashley may be a bit of a prima donna but her voice is just divine, her song changes whenever the wind does!Hello, Darling. My name is Ashley. Perhaps you’ve heard of me… that’s right, Darling, I’m an Aster. No, not an Astor – although I understand they’re a very upscale, respectable bunch. But like I was saying, I’m an Aster, which means I’ll thrive just about anywhere. Go ahead and pamper me anyway, though. I daresay you won’t regret it. Because when everyone else in your garden fades away – and they always do, Darling – I’ll be there to dazzle you with my brilliant blooms. S

Made by Woodstock Chimes

Woodstock Flower Chimes – Ashley
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