Lapis Chi Energy Feng Shui Chime

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Lapis Chi Energy Feng Shui Chime A rotating metal ornament and stone accents make this chime a real stunner.A beautiful combination of blue stones, platinum gray tubes and red-toned wood, this chime is designed to work well hanging in the open or up against a wall.In feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of using arrangement to achieve harmony with the environments, windchimes are believed to have the power of redirecting energy in a space. In addition, by surrounding ourselves with beauty, music and various expressions of the sweetness of life, we benefit both ourselves and our environment.Many people believe that windchimes can bring good fortune, health and prosperity to the owner through the practice of Feng Shui. It is also believed that chimes can help break up bad energy in the home. Hollow tubes are said to help good chi energy circulate, and the use of three tubes helps to promote good luck for the young. Whether you endorse such philosophical claims or not, you’ll find our Chi Energy Chimes to enhance any setting and blend with the positive aesthetics you are seeking.
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