Fantastic Four 1994 (Part 6)

This is part 6 of the unreleased 1994 fantastic four movie.

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  1. DarkLordDiablos says:

    @chopperswookie I hate when they add stupid character just for comic relief, it spopils the movie like you say.

  2. bijibadness says:

    im sorry, i was totally digging how hilariously shitty this whole debacle was, until it came to the first meeting with dr doom or whatever hes called. i mean, you cant hear one damn word out from behind that mask… i assume overdubbing wasn’t invented in 1994? he sound like darth vader did on set, before james earl jones.

  3. spideyman2099 says:

    Got I just skip the moleman parts

  4. halenguy says:

    @limbdarkening hahaha no shit right? How fucking lame is that part dude it’s like half a minute of dead air no sound no nothing they should have added a wha wha wha sound!!

  5. limbdarkening says:

    @halenguy 8:34 to 8:47 fucking cracked me up so hard.

  6. limbdarkening says:

    They need to put a mic in Doom’s helmet, what the hell is he saying?!

  7. WarriorSmurf says:

    @chopperswookie That’s the Jeweller. They replaced MM at the last minute.

  8. meanmiketwo says:

    This reminds me of the old Spider Man T.V. show from the ’70′s. The sad thing is, the new generation of comic book movies have better special effects and action, but the stories really aren’t too much better, with the exception of the 1st two Spider Man’s and Iron Man.

  9. Capsyzeable says:

    I wonder if Roger Corman gets Christmas cards from James Cameron.

  10. cool1kid2on3board says:

    haha the thing is a woman

  11. taybo20 says:

    I’d like some consultation time!

  12. LDtheBrachio says:

    so my friends..

  13. halenguy says:

    hahahaha….So my friends!…what where thr fuck did they go? haha

  14. halenguy says:

    the thing is way better than the 2005 movie

  15. MrBda27 says:

    I’m amazed at how corny this movie is.

  16. TheMikewill says:

    8:33 lol’d so hard

  17. Padrebrian says:

    what is with Doom’s hand gestures?

  18. EvilGregProductions says:

    i have no complaints with THE THING’s action scene.

  19. naamhier says:

    @madlionshead lmao, i know right… }:{ they should force people who thought the big budget movies were bad to watch this.

  20. naamhier says:

    @madlionshead lmao, i know right… }:{ they should force people who thought the big budget movies were bad to watch this.

  21. naamhier says:

    @chopperbana believe me, it isnt :p watch the whole thing will you. or actually, don’t. i havent seen a cheesier thing in my life

  22. GilbertsV1 says:

    @leather666face Many people thinks here that this movie was better than the 2 comedies disney-like they made in 2005, i like the silver surfer, but it’s about the only thing, and Thing is the best in both movies lol !!

  23. leather666face says:

    Indeed. Yet still he’s better then the new Doom. I’m not going along with the crowd, I formed this opinion before even reading everything here.

  24. madlionshead says:

    you are sooooo right. and omg the thing here sucks sooo bad. i loved the new movies. and i’m a guy not very comfortable with change. this movie is just bad.

  25. naamhier says:

    are you kidding… LOL. it really is true that people are like sheep. you’re just going along with what everyone is saying.
    I mean, this doom looks is like he’s on caffeine with his hand gestures and his muffled voice makes him all the less intimidating. the entire thing is cheesy.

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