Paper Crafts : How to Make a Paper Whirligig

To make a paper whirligig, start with a perfect circle cut out of stiff paper, cut a spiral shape into the circle until the middle is reached, add a piece of string to the middle and let the spiral hang down. Create a paper whirligig with a demonstration from an experienced primary school teacher in this free video on paper crafts. Expert: Pauline Stannard Bio: Pauline Stannard has over 20 years of teaching experience and runs art workshops for children. Filmmaker: Kathy Stannard

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  1. MrPunfag says:

    this is a mobile not a whirlygig

  2. babymikearra says:

    it makes me dizzzzzy when i made it

  3. OneHappyBird123 says:

    Very cute! :o )

  4. TheTharkcom says:

    too muddled????

  5. ducttapemaster8 says:

    sticky stick lol

  6. Spongebooobbie says:

    Shut up! =D

  7. skittlezbaby1000 says:

    I agree with you Susie Sosa from room:320

  8. rockergrl90 says:

    thnx so much! i have to make a whirligig for a school project and this really helped me out.

  9. olyncraft08 says:

    so nice…(”,)

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