Sorry about your Dog A Mechanical Confection by Gina Kamentsky

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  1. josemania81 says:

    for some reason i see life inside this mechanism’s

  2. ttthttpd says:

    It kind of looks like a dog with its tail wagging and head looking back and forth.

  3. shogunassassins1 says:

    what does it do??

  4. HellBoy10 says:


  5. AClarke2007 says:

    It`s high art mate. No one gets it, don`t worry

  6. usbald says:

    i love the titles of the sculptures

  7. nicktube333 says:

    i dont get it XD

  8. manidig says:

    In a strange way this is touching.
    I’m sorry about that person’s dog, too.

    Nicely done.

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