Fruits Candy- Len and Kaito ver. (And a cosplay photo montage!)

Well, I started making this silly little version of Fruits Candy because I was bored. Originally, it was going to have Rin in it as well and I was going to draw pictures for the video. Of course, I can’t draw. But I can cosplay! So Len and I got dressed (partially; it was really hot out) in our cosplay and made cake! Actually, we made a cake and a pie. And took turns taking some truely horrible photos of each other. Neither of us are very photogenic, it seems. We’re never happy with photos of ourselves. That’s the story. By the way, the cake topping you can see at the end is all marzipan. We entertained ourselves for a while making various shapes out of it. Like an octopus, “whirligigs,” a pear, some mushrooms, and a snail (Len’s contribution). And two vague pieces of fruit, a turtle, a star, some mushrooms, and the border (my contribution). It was far too entertaining. Put into the music category because eh. Vocaloid cover!

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  1. TokiNoOkarina says:

    @TriforceAngel I know! Today was awful. And, yes, I am going to change my work schedule, but only once we hit the middle of this month at least. I don’t want to change it so soon after I started.

  2. TriforceAngel says:

    @TokiNoOkarina we needs to find a way to have cosplay stupidity. im able to cosplay again so ill be able to friday if my mom doesnt drag me away. kaitos should changes his schedule for works >.< XD.
    we closed early today. waaaay too hot

  3. TokiNoOkarina says:

    @TriforceAngel You guys were at work. Although… We had to go to the store to pick up some ingredients and we passed the park. We were going to go in and make fun of you two, but we didn’t. XD

  4. TriforceAngel says:

    something tells me you guys were really bored.

    meh! u didnts call axel or mes *pout* XD

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