dArt International Art Magazine #21 Fall 2007

Dart International Magazine Volume 10, Number 2 #21 Fall 2007 Grilling Up the Hellhound Rodeo: Richie Budd and Aaron Johnson at Priska Juschka Fine Art in New York By Christopher Hart Chambers Three of Richie Budd’s mechano-gizmo contraptions hung on the wall; whirling, twittering; lights blinking and a radio or two blaring. Another piece was “freestanding” in the center of one of the rooms: mounted atop a wheelchair was a jumble of cheap electric fans and sundry detritus piled up seven or eight feet high. Each artwork was equipped with a small video monitor that displayed the immediate surroundings in real time. The viewer sees himself in one, a corner of the space in another. Contemporary issues of surveillance were broached as well as the popular themes of consumer culture and what artist Tom Sachs labeled, “American Bricollage,” referring to the school of junk yard constructions (this side of the pond) and facetious machines that all started with Swiss sculpture Jean Tingley’s Dadaist whirligigs of the late 1940′s and spanning his career until his death in 1991. There are numerous other practitioners today, with Tim Hawkinson, Jon Kessler, and the collaborative group TODT (although their work is generally static) leading the pack. But Budd’s work also produces consumables. At the opening reception his gadgets — one hooked up to an electronic piano keyboard – spewed popcorn, and brewed coffee; one incorporated a “George Foreman Grill,” another was outfitted with a

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