Kilkenny Cats are flying for “5 in a row!”

Kilkenny are on course again for 5 All-Irelands in a row in 2010 and there are’nt many out there to stop them! The plane in the video belongs to a staunch Kilkenny supporter, but it was designed and manufactured in ‘the model county”!!! ” Up the Cats…………………..!!!” PS It was back in ‘Hanger Six’ for some minor repairs to the tail plane!” LoL.

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  1. nikki93xx says:

    whats tha all about like haha

  2. stdu1234567 says:

    @thefivenomore the only person bein a cunt is u

  3. TheFivenomore says:

    bye bye five in a row arrogant cunts

  4. Omeaga678 says:

    i love kilkenny cats! GO ON THE BLACK AND AMBER!!!!!

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