Weeds S6E10 Part 2

Episode 10, DearBorn-Again © 2010 Showtime Networks Inc., a CBS Company. All rights reserved. Lionsgate Entertainment. Weeds Season 6 I DO NOT CLAIM ANY OWNERSHIP.

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  1. sh4nky420 says:

    omfg the one guy from oregon has to be a fucking pig… DAMNIT WHY HASNT THIS SHOW STOPPED HERE INSTEAD OF LAME ASS SEATTLE!?!??!

  2. garcedjs5 says:

    thank u soooo much !!!

  3. punkkify2 says:

    3:38 dude would use a slap chop hahhaaa

  4. eldergrigg says:

    Weeds is my new temple!

  5. paintballin878 says:

    fuck the feds!

  6. jjjj234jjjj says:

    @imasavage504 hes not even ellis tate i bet

  7. LaModeXOXO says:

    assholes click dislike just to be trolls. ew. It’s weeds you idiots! AMAZING!

  8. MsHellomoto111 says:

    For the 5 people who clicked dislike.. WHY?!?! <3 weeds.

  9. DaHalo2AzN says:

    i have showtimeasitis :P

  10. jg9099 says:

    The name of song is 23 minutes in brusseles by robot friend thumbs up so no one asks :)

  11. kimncaseyparker says:

    I freakin Love this show!!!!

  12. advisablyparentable says:

    @imasavage504 hes a writer not a fed. remember things are not always as they seem

  13. allisoninwonderland0 says:

    @Mikel526 the pills are ritalin…basically legal speed used for people with ADHD

  14. biokiler says:

    I would love to know what song is @ the end to. The one when Doug takes the drugs??

  15. chelycon79 says:

    Love it! Thanks! Does anyone know the name of the song towards the end?

  16. MuellerVLOGS says:

    @Zstornant BOOO Weeds all the way lol

  17. MuellerVLOGS says:

    @imasavage504 RUN NANCY RUN!

  18. perse877 says:

    YEAAH!! HELSINKIIIIII!!!!! go finland!

  19. papiruiz01 says:

    Thanks for the upload…. I want dat drink

  20. Mikel526 says:

    i want Andy’s special drink!!!! is that drink even possible or is it just a figment of Kohan’s imagination?? what are the pills? for hash to make an effect specially if orally ingested u need at least half an hour… im just being anal about this because im always looking for new ways to alter my minds perception.. haha so im really interested in a drink such as “Andy’s Special Drink”!

  21. WSGKiNDLEZWS says:

    Aww i knew the wierd coffee dude was gonna be a Fed .. Damn its Gonna b interesting 2 see wat Nancy Botwin does to dodge the feds now

  22. asha68 says:

    best episode of the season. i so want a drink of that stuff andy made.

  23. Prtoricnprncz says:


  24. ILOVEPEEWEE001 says:

    Finally a good fucken episode!! Cant wait for the next one

  25. neverindoubt says:

    This is so funny, at so many levels! Who hangs out in a graveyard and is “absent” from his yearbook? And works as an FBI part-time stringer? “A DORK”, as Nancy points out. Excellent picture of how ineffective and pathetic the fibbers are.

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