The dropping ball illusion

You can BUY IT NOW online at Paypal Accepted, ball looks like its dropping but its actually sits on the rail.

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  1. AriFeannor says:

    @SuperHuman226 rofl wow

  2. thrall3 says:

    @dilbert250 pause it it’s his pointer.

  3. thejebuus says:

    did the guy in the back flick the camera off o.o

  4. humanidt says:

    @Gizmo1969 it doesnt keep itself going, so its not perpetual motion

  5. blanknot says:

    For those of you that don’t understand this, you’re retarded. You may pick up your certificate at your local legislation office. Please do not drive there yourself.

  6. plegmaenatos says:

    wrong finger,

  7. Monster4rmda559 says:

    @dilbert250 if you pause it it wasnt his middle finger lol i thought it was too XP

  8. NightmareSpriter says:

    lol the counter guy was staring at you

  9. jb59812 says:

    @dilbert250 Haha no he didnt, pause it riiiiiight at the beginning of 9 seconds, its just his pointer and thumb fingers

  10. CHELSPEC7 says:

    It’s his index finger and thumb finger. Nice video

  11. greatguys1 says:

    the balls will never drop

  12. Keykasta says:

    WTF how does the ball float in mid air?
    is it a Floation stone i never knew about in my LIFE!?!?!?

  13. jockrockwell says:

    haha he gave you the finger at 0:07 hahaha #FAIL

  14. TheWhoppers0 says:

    @dilbert250 pause it at 0:09. that was his index finger, not his middle finger..

  15. asolutionforyou says:

    @Keykasta Yes ball never drop to floor, same distance to floor all time, then is static in (x,y,z) coordinates. Do you know a posible movement without change the position, donĀ“t you? Think ………………….

  16. 15Protech says:

    @Gizmo1969 Perpetual motion describes hypothetical machines that operate or produce useful work indefinitely and, more generally, hypothetical machines that produce more work or energy than they consume, whether they might operate indefinitely or not. There is an undisputed scientific consensus that perpetual motion violates either the first law of thermodynamics, the second law of thermodynamics, or both.

  17. matsrudi says:

    I dont see the ilusion :( I know what im supposed to see, but i dont see it. I see a ball standing still while and iron thingy is twirling around it. -.- I saw it a few years back tho.

  18. Aawsy says:

    @subzero1456 at first i thought it was contact juggling but now i think the ball is attached to the wire

  19. HaloMice says:

    i have one its purple =3

  20. cokeme002 says:

    how does it do it!!!!!! @_@

  21. sargentFouch says:

    @dilbert250 he didn’t flip him off he was telling them to follow him slow it down

  22. dilbert250 says:

    @dilbert250 wow i can’t believe i actually thought he was flipping it off, sorry people

  23. romeosafadi says:

    Hey I want these balls for my contact juggling :( :( :(

  24. sonicEX238 says:

    @matsrudi That’s because it’s from 2007 : |

  25. Molothetwo says:


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