Vollis Simpson has been retired for at least 12 years. An Artisan, he builds elaborate windmills he calls Whirligigs. Not just one or two, but a field full. We actually went back twice because there was no wind the first time…. It was worth it. His work has been shown at the Olympics in Atlanta 1996, and the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. But this is Whirligig central. If you are in Lucama NC check it out.

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  1. BIGBROTHERiswatchinU says:

    Not actually in Lucama (in Wilson County NC) but it is near Lucama. Look on a map for the place where Vollis Shop Rd. and Willing Worker Rd. join up.

  2. Quincy8Boy says:

    Acid Park!

    There now some all over town. One by the library.

  3. yellowshaker says:

    i remember going by them things every morning

  4. Azathoth43 says:

    thank you for posting this video.

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