Gregorian Soprano Chime

21OxpLSXvWL. SL160  Gregorian Soprano Chime

  • Beautiful chime fits in any decor

Product Description
Woodstocks Gregorian Soprano wind chimes are our most popular and this soprano is the all-time best-seller. They’ll bring a charm to your back yard or garden like nothing else. These chimes are tuned using both a computerized tuning process and an ancient system of tuning known as “just intonation” they have unmatched pure tone. The Soprano is a highest scale tone in the Gregorian family. Made with rich cherry wood, they have 8 thick silver bells that reverberate so… More >>

Gregorian Soprano Chime

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  1. Kurt Sprague says:

    This is my second purchase of this makers wind chimes.

    I already own the Soprano.

    Honestly, I prefer the higher notes…. they tend to blend in with natures sounds a little better. The alto and soprano together do create music together. I like this, and it is why I bought the second chime.

    The chimes are beautifully packaged and look very nice. They would make a nice gift for someone!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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