Whirligigs & Weathervanes

Some highlights of the ninth annual Whirligig & Weathervane Festival in Shelburne Nova Scotia, September 2008

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  1. TheBill2468 says:

    A super video!
    I oftened went to Mystic, Ct. for vacatios and there was a kits shop there with a bunch of whirligigs out on the grass. I could stand there mezmeorized for hours!
    Wish there was such a event/display in Brooklyn, NY!


  2. 2pac203 says:

    BAHAHAHAHHA ud never beleave ppl wood find this so amusein lol but i guess so i do live in shelburne n see them alot here to son they dont really catch my eyes

  3. MadSmokerBBQ says:

    WOW!!! Who knew. This is a great excuse for a road trip!!

  4. w12x says:


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