Animated Whirligigs

Outdoor animated windriven whirligigs. Made with high quality wood, brass & paint.

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  1. whirlgig2002 says:

    @freewoodencrosses I do not use O rings. The pulleys are made of high quality outdoor plastice. The belts are made of Polycord which comes from switzerland. It comes in 25′ length and I fuse them to fit each whirligig. I have not had to replace any belts in over 15 years. Thanks

  2. freewoodencrosses says:

    It looks like you use o-rings as a gear stepdown,,,Very smart, but of course outside they will deteriorate. Do you give extras or talk about where to get extras?
    Thanks, good job on quality

  3. gaba540901 says:

    congratulation! pretty nice

  4. carboxx says:

    fuck yeah

  5. whirligiger32 says:

    Good to see your whirligigs again.
    Ben in Edmonds

  6. a10fjet says:

    i LOVE the seagull.

  7. ideia7 says:

    very good conception and better done. congratulations

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