Six Fantastic Whirligigs

Carved Humorus whirligigs exhibited in museums in New York, Baltimore and others.

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  1. whirligiger32 says:


  2. SwampToons says:


  3. dragonfitter says:

    im gonna make me a whirligig

  4. Rodolfsk8 says:

    bizarre, but really creative

  5. tlast2O12dude says:

    omg hahahahahaha

  6. whirligiger32 says:

    YES, just make a comment.

  7. whirligiger32 says:

    Do you have a DVD available?

  8. bentmd8 says:

    Thanks for the nice comments. The Figure Skaters was the second whirligig that I ever made. It shows that mechanics are not that important. Do what appeals to you with your God given abilities. Why some antique novice made whirligigs sell at Christies and Sothebys auctions fetch $50,000. or more.

  9. threeque says:

    I just watched all of your videos. Loved them all. Sir Issac newton I think is my favorite. And the Figure Skating Pair gets honorable mention for its simplistic beauty.

  10. DMD1 says:

    I’m also reading the book whirligig. These are amazing.

  11. shadyalien says:

    These whirligigs are all very, very nice, sir, but the kidwash one sticks out the most. It’s the kind of toy that a person would fondly remember from his earliest childhood and still get a chuckle out of when he’s 80. If I was even somewhat rich, I’d offer you $5000 for it. Your work is amazing.

  12. proph3t0607 says:

    im reading it too :)

  13. jameswsa says:

    These are great!

  14. kevbo7s says:


  15. TVDOCTOR says:

    Very, very nice.

    You should come to our Festival next year!

    Check the video I have up of the last one.

  16. tandgdrywall says:

    Wow those are really neat…I’m actually reading the book Whirligig by Paul Fleishman for school, and I wanted to see exactly what kind of Whirligigs there are, so I came onto YouTube…nice work. I admire your talent :)

  17. whirligiger32 says:

    They take about three months each or about 200hours. That’s why I wont’s sell them for a few hundred dollars, the amount most people are willing to pay. I hope they go to a folk art museum someday

  18. yakk13 says:

    can’t imagine how long it would take to make these

  19. rdgkelly says:


  20. Huntsman43 says:


  21. jkjk3264 says:

    ahh i’m never going to get how people make it do that =(.

  22. StopMoColorado says:

    I love the mechanisms and carving in your whirligis – top rate whirligigs and automata! :)

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