Woodstock Chimes of King David Relax

 Woodstock Chimes of King David Relax
The deeply relaxing tones of this chime are mellow and meditative like enduring harmonies of the past. The Woodstock Windsinger 88-Inch King of David Wind Chime is a very large chime weighing 35 pounds. Its six tubes are made of durable extra-thick-walled anodized aluminum and are specially suspended to achieve pure and impressive tones. The deep full notes resonate for a very long time filling your ears with broad peaceful sounds.
Choose between brushed silver or matte black finishes.
This Woodstock wind chime is part of the Windsinger chime series. The chimes within this collection are tuned to lower registers and are fashioned after the original designs of Stephen Burnham.
The bold elegant appearance of the chime complements the rich beautiful tones it plays when blown by the breeze.
Windsinger chimes resonate much longer than any other chimes and produce enduring harmonies that are beyond compare.Because this high-quality wind chime weighs 35 pounds special precautions should be taken when hanging the chime.

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Utterly mesmerizing!

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  1. HensOnly says:

    Beautiful!!!!!!! Wished it would play for a long time and I’ll go to sleep!

  2. SWIFT95330 says:

    Thank you for sharing with us…I gotta get me a good windchime!! and a good place to hang it.

  3. skhaynes says:

    Just so beautiful!!!

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