Asli Arts Woven Rattan Fish 30-Inch Wind Chime

 Asli Arts Woven Rattan Fish 30 Inch Wind Chime

Immerse yourself in the calming nature of this bamboo Asli Arts Woven Rattan Red Fish 30-Inch Wind Chime. The red woven fish is designed in such a way as to mimic the swirls of the ocean. By combining its unique visual elements with the serene melody of its tubes it’s easy to adopt a beachfront state of mind no matter where you are.Additionally this relaxing chime produces a mellow sound like none other and is made from non-endangered wood rattan and bamboo. It’s even hand-crafted hand-tuned and hand-painted by skilled Vietnamese craftsmen and can instantly transform the aura of your home.Wind Chime Length: The length of a wind chime is measured by the overall length of the chime (not tube length) – hanging hook to the end of the sail. This wind chime is 30 inches long overall. Caring for your Bamboo WindchimeAll Asli Arts bamboo windchimes are made using natural and sustainable products such as bamboo and coconut shell. Each is hand-carved and hand-tuned by artisans in Bali or Vietnam. With proper care your Asli Arts bamboo chime will typically last from 3-4 years when hung outside.To extend the life of your chime:Hang your chime in an area protected from direct sunlight or heavy winds. Excellent locations include under a porch overhang or in a shady tree.Bring your chimes in during extreme weather or windstorms.If you live in the north bring your chimes in during the harsh winter months and store it in an unheated area such as a shed or garage.Occasionally wipe off your chimes with a damp cloth to remove any build-up or mold.Every spring provide added weather protection by applying a coat of varnish on your chime. (You’ll want to wipe off the chime before doing this!).We have taken a number of precautions to ensure our Asli Arts bamboo chimes are the highest quality bamboo chime in the marketplace. Our manufacturers produce only for us allowing us to ensure a high standard of quality control. In addition our manufacturers harvest their bamboo only during the best

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