Woodstock Inspiration Bells 20.5-Inch Wind Chime

 Woodstock Inspiration Bells 20.5 Inch Wind Chime

Whether you’re looking for an extra source of faith or simply to warm your home get both from this gorgeous feng shui cascading windchime. The Woodstock Inspiration Bells 28-Inch Wind Chime boasts unique architecture that is inspired by elements of ancient Chinese culture. When hung in your home the whole chime is designed to promote relaxation and balance in your life. Soothe your inner spirit and uplift your living space with this ready-to-hang chime. Suitable for placement both inside and outside your home this copper-plated chime comes with a special “FAITH” message on the silkscreened windcatcher and would make a lovely addition to your existing decor.Wind Chime Length: The length of a wind chime is measured by the overall length of the chime (not tube length) – hanging hook to the end of the sail. This wind chime is 20.5 inches long overall. Copper-plated steel elements should be wiped clean with a duster or damp cloth. Polishes should not be used on these as they may remove the protective varnish coating.Hardwood parts can be maintained by periodically applying a thin layer of Danish or lemon oil with a clean cloth. Regular oiling will help protect the wood and retard the natural aging process. Use mild soap and water (or a foaming non-abrasive cleanser) to clean tubes glass or plastic parts. Try not to dampen the string(s).This product has a one-year warranty which covers workmanship and material quality. We will replace any products if found to be defective within one year of normal use. Our customer service department will be able to help you with a warranty claim.About Woodstock ChimesCreated by professional musician Garry Kvistad Woodstock Chimes feature original and innovative designs that will add beauty and elegance to your home. Each chime has been tuned to create the purest most beautiful musical intervals. Kvistad incorporates tunings of scales from many different cultures throughout the world to create unique inspiring sounds and styles. It’s e

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