Asli Arts 35-Inch Woven Hat Wind Chime – Set of 2

 Asli Arts 35 Inch Woven Hat Wind Chime   Set of 2

Share your love of music with a friend. This set of two beautiful melodic wind chimes gives you one for yourself and one to share – and you get both for only one shipping fee.Each 35-Inch Woven Hat Bamboo Wind Chime is made from natural material and has an organic-inspired style that will look beautiful in any outdoor setting. These elegant chimes feature hand-tuned hand-carved bamboo tubes that hang from a 7-inch diameter “hat” made from hand-woven palm leaf. The hat is a replica of those worn by farmers throughout Southeast Asia. Handmade in Bali each chime features a variety of tube lengths; each is repeatedly whittled and tapped to create the mellow resonant sound typical of bamboo chimes. The tubes are varnished for outdoor protection but it is best to bring them indoors in severe winter weather. 35 inches in length.About Asli ArtsInspired by the talents of the people of Southeast Asia Asli Arts is a premier name in production of high quality organic-inspired items for the home and garden. Known for everything from wind chimes to door curtains Asli Arts is committed to offering beautiful pieces that are made from sustainable and recyclable materials like bamboo coconut shells and marble. Their product line includes items made by craftsmen in Vietnam and Bali and is based around the concept of providing meaningful work to hundreds of skilled craftspeople in countries where earning a living can be a daily challenge.

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