Monarch 3-Foot Copper Sundrop Rain Chain Extension

 Monarch 3 Foot Copper Sundrop Rain Chain Extension

If you already own and love the 8.5-foot Copper Sundrop Rain Chain but just wish it were a bit longer you’re in luck. This matching 3-foot extension hooks right onto your existing chain to make an 11.5-foot chain in an instant. Just like the original the extension features beautifully shaped copper cups that will fill with water before overflowing. This copper with patina over time to a verdigris finish.About Monarch InternationalMonarch International Inc. is a leader in home style products manufactured from metal and combinations of wood and glass. Their roots lie in manufacturing metal badges and buttons for the Indian Army. From there they evolved and diversified into other products and Monarch started selling hand-crafted goods and lifestyle accessories in the United States and other global markets. Their corporate policy is based on the principles of partnership trust service and an unwavering commitment to quality products.

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