Checking up on the garden

Come with us as we water our containers in the greenhouse and discuss all of the vegetables that are ready for harvesting. We also briefly discuss the shed we put together last weekend and Randy videotapes Amanda just standing there for a long time with nothing to say. Why does he keep filming? Who knows. In reality he wanted Amanda to ask a question of viewers that just didn’t interest her so she made up her own question in the end.

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  1. DigitalSkyline says:

    I learned how much a pain in the rear pulling weeds can be…lol.

  2. hallard069 says:

    Great herb garden – looks great. Broccoli likes cooler weather.
    answers: dawn dish soap, canola oil and water make decent bug repellent, 6 romaine lettuce heads R too much for 2 people, no carrots for 2nd year, rain water works better then city tap water, mulching with dry grass, using a little commercial fertilizer isn’t a bad thing, tomatoe plants LOVE egg shells and coffee grounds.

  3. Michigansnowpony says:

    OMgosh, that’s a sugar bowl with a spout you’re using to water!! Ha ha. You didn’t need a drip watering system, you just needed a (real) bigger watering can LOL. Oh, don’t forget to harvest and eat those beet greens! Just cook ‘em like spinach. We got the same storm — had a tornado warning for our county with funnel clouds sited 5 miles north of us, but none of them touched down thankfully. My corn was blown almost horizonal, but it’s popped up straight again.

  4. Michigansnowpony says:

    What I’ve learned this year: It was my first year starting my own seeds/plants and I learned: 1) they MUST have more light than my south facing window can give. 2) don’t leave the starts outside in the little, unheated greenhouse when there’s going to be below-freezing temps. 3) spindly broccoli, cauliflower, and tomato starts can be replanted deeper, put outside, and they can be salvaged and will get stronger stems. 4) don’t start seeds too early, no matter what others are doing.

  5. TheUrbanOutdoors says:

    Great update

  6. pinetar100 says:

    i have learned that i have not learned enough!

  7. dalecalder2003 says:

    Garden is looking great. The seed like thing on garlic are called Scapes, Google Garlic Scapes. You can eat then I had some stremed last week, check my last update. Most people say cut them off so the garlic will continue to develop.

  8. GettingThereGreen says:

    @dalecalder2003 Wish we would have known to cut those scapes off… grrr… oh well… learning is fun!

  9. GettingThereGreen says:

    @pinetar100 If we all keep posting these videos we’ll learn faster! Keep em coming!!!

  10. GettingThereGreen says:

    @Michigansnowpony oh you mean like us… who started on Valentines day! lol…

  11. GettingThereGreen says:

    @Michigansnowpony Can you do a video on cooking your beet greens? Would love to see EXACTLY how you do it.

  12. GettingThereGreen says:

    @hallard069 Just remember that egg shells take up to 6 weeks to really start showing progress in your plants.

  13. GettingThereGreen says:

    @DigitalSkyline That’s why we built raised beds… to avoid weeding and also higher crop yields in a confined space.

  14. jihadacadien says:

    Would,ve colst less to buy a bigger watering can ;) everything in the greehouse is looking very good! Love the yellow zucchini! I hate when there,s like a huge wind blast that destroys everything =S And so far I learned that some kind of invisibl critter loves peas, swiss chard and brussels sprouts! =S!!!

  15. GettingThereGreen says:

    @jihadacadien yeah… the irrigation is awesome though… so easy. -Randy

  16. GardenCalifornia says:

    I love those silver spiral garden steaks, they look kinda futuristic, lol

  17. GettingThereGreen says:

    @GardenCalifornia they are working really well. we were surprised how well they work compared to the cages you can get… the cages are really useless.

  18. jihadacadien says:

    @GettingThereGreen I just made 15 trips to water the whole garden tonite….so yeah, must be easier ;)

  19. Michigansnowpony says:

    @GettingThereGreen — It’s not our fault — those darned seed catalogs go out shortly after Christmas and there we are, under snow and dreaming of warmer temps and digging in the dirt. Then, there’s all those Southern gardeners on Youtube planting away in February. It’s just more than some of us in the North can handle. LOL

  20. Michigansnowpony says:

    @GettingThereGreen — I am very much a K.I.S.S. formula cook. I boil up Spinach with a little salt and that’s how I do beet greens too. I’m sure there are more delicious ways to prepare both, but that’s how we like it.

  21. 14dollarz says:

    Looks great. I wanted to try carrots, but am afraid I will screw them up.

  22. VivianRinSC says:

    Next year I’m gonna have more broccoli. After harvesting the main central head, it will make many side heads. I prefer the side heads over the main one. Plus the flowers are edible. My grandsons who hate veggies will actually snack on the broccoli plants.

    I had a small “greenhouse” frame over one of my 4×4 beds. A storm blew it across the street and a field. Neighbor saw it and brought back to me. Lesson learned was do not duct tape the plastic to the PVC frame. lol

  23. VivianRinSC says:

    Did you anchor that metal shed down? I had one fly over to the neighbor’s thanks to Hurricane Hugo. It wasn’t anchored. :p

    Biggest lesson in gardening this year for me is that nothing is wasted. It’s all a learning experience. Next one was I can learn anything I want from YouTube. lol.

  24. badboyorganics says:

    your strawberry plants look awesome.

    Not sure what is up with ours….. they have not produced anything in over a month. It must be the heat here in Indianapolis this last month.

    Devin Hunter

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