Asli Arts 34-Inch Butterfly Bamboo Wind Chime

 Asli Arts 34 Inch Butterfly Bamboo Wind Chime

This butterfly watches over you and graces you with happy melodies. The wind is said to carry the thoughts and feelings of those who came before us and butterflies are symbols of transformation and evolution. How delightful then to have a butterfly wind chime dancing in the wind and inspiring you to take the best from what has come before you and transform your life into something unknown and magnificent. This wind chime is crafted in true Balinese folk art form and has a substance and authenticity that many other butterfly images lack. And it sounds as beautiful as it looks.About Asli Arts by WoodstockInspired by the talents of the people of Southeast Asia Asli Arts by Woodstock is a premier name in production of high-quality organic-inspired items for the home and garden. Known for everything from wind chimes to door curtains Asli Arts is committed to offering beautiful pieces that are made from sustainable and recyclable materials like bamboo coconut shells and marble. Their product line includes items made by craftsmen in Vietnam and Bali and is based around the concept of providing meaningful work to hundreds of skilled craftspeople in countries where earning a living can be a daily challenge.Wind Chime Length: The length of a wind chime is measured by the overall length of the chime (not tube length) – hanging hook to the end of the sail. This wind chime is 34 inches long overall.

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