Piece of Craft 3 – Key Windchime

WINDCHIMES!! Directed by: Liz Weber Amanda Speva Filmed by: Liz Weber Edited by: Amanda Speva Liz Weber Starring: Amanda Speva With: Ralley the Dog

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  1. thepreciousegg says:

    amanda’s hair looks freaking great, specifically in the first scene.

  2. hhtam says:

    Love the video. The music is awesome!

  3. LUTNTVDirecting says:

    thank you! support the arts and crafts!

  4. MrCameraHammer says:

    If you are interested, I can teach you to make much better recycled windchimes than these. Give me a message if you are interested.

  5. jamber451 says:

    I’m helping my grandson make a Earth Day project and I’m interested in your recycled windchimes.

  6. msjewels99 says:

    Let me know how to make a better key chime

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