Christopher Franke Black Garden View CD can be purchased here: Christopher Franke was a member of Tangerine Dream from 1970-1988. Franke’s first solo record upon leaving Tangerine Dream is a travelogue saluting the rugged, and often majestic, California coastline environs. Franke here has largely jettisoned his trademark sequencer labyrinths of yesteryear and instead substituted grand pianos, austere digital synths and subtle percussive shadings. “Driving Into Blue” uses digitized pianos to convey a sense of speed while commuting along white sandy shorelines. “Purple Waves” is an intimate work for synthetic voice choirs, wind-chime electronics and piano that suggests fluorescent sunsets and afternoon silences, with sounds that caress and balm the spirit. PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY is Franke’s most personal statement to date, far from the experimental tropes of Tangerine Dream, but quite charming in its simplicity.

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  1. tacsmoker says:

    very soothing

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