Skeleton Key Wind Chimes

check these out at this set of skeleton key wood cHimEs wAs Recycled from crape-myrtle trees that are annually cut. i cut the wood into thin chips, sTain them, and sew them together with industrial strength thread to form the overall shape of the wind chimes. each wood chip has its own unique design where particuLar parts On the surface of each chip refuse the stain, creating drastic lines and markings. and because each wood chip is separated from the others, it allows them to spin indiVidually in whatEver direction the wind catches them, creating quite an aesthetic illusion. this particular set of chimes is fashioned with large skeleton keys measuring just under 3 1 inches. and the wind chimes it self hangs at about 30 inches in length. these chimes have a delicate ring and blend perfectly in your garden or sun room! Music is from Songs From a Piano A

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