28″ Aloha Aqua Windchime

 28 Aloha Aqua Windchime

28″ Aloha Aqua Windchime
Woodstock Chimes are the original precision-tuned windchime, handcrafted for exceptional sound quality.

Created by professional musician Garry Kvistad and handcrafted from original, innovative designs, these chimes are tuned to create the purest, most beautiful musical intervals.

Our chimes are tuned using a computerized tuning process with the precision to meet Garry’s exacting standards.  But in order to achieve incomparably beautiful sound, precision alone isn’t enough. The chimes are tuned using an ancient system of tuning known as “just intonation”. This means that the frequencies at which the different tubes vibrate are integrally related, and tones that are related in this way produce the purest, most beautiful musical intervals. Incorporating tunings of scales from many different world cultures and available in a size and style that’s right for you.

Available in 4 colors

Aqua Lime Lemon Purple

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